Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What This Blog Is

Don't look for frills here. I'm just looking to share some of the great short stories that I find online, as well as short summations and reviews of what books I'm reading (some nonfiction, some novels, some story collections). If you're into the stories too (or even if you're not and want to vent), let me know your thoughts.


Liana said...

I'm so looking forward to this. Like the best part of short story club (besides the drinks), minus the drive to town.

Big Hair said...

Let me know if you come across anything you like--or if you share my enthusiasm for any of the pieces I find. (I have backlog of great online stories I've found.) I'd been thinking of this blog for several months but had been lazy about starting it. Beyond that, I'd quit the first blog because blogspot changed its sign-in system and wouldn't let me get into the account, but it appears to be working now.