Tuesday, May 13, 2008

On "The Au Pair" by Sean Ennis (2380 words) ****

What this story has going for it is a voice. Take one babysitter, thrust her among a bunch of male college students, and let the lust begin. And it's mostly lust, for she's a taken item. Expect to see more about Sean Ennis on this blog. I discovered his writing maybe a year ago, and he's one of the most exciting new writers I've come across on the Web. Read the story here.


overnighteditor said...

I liked this too (having found it via your blog), especially "accent like people attacked by sharks".

How do you discover these stories?

Big Hair said...

I usually read a short story online each day and then try to write up a review of any I like--that ends up being one every week or two (I have a backlog, since I was planning to start this blog awhile back, so postings are a little more often than once a week right now). Glad you enjoyed the story.

Anonymous said...

Great author. After reading this short I looked and read others. Thanks for showing this author to me. Keep up the good solid work you're doing with this site.