Wednesday, August 6, 2008

On "Some Things You Should Know about Me before We Meet" by Josh Honn (1037 words) ****

Some stories take what should be a rather mundane subject and put them in a form that makes them, if not fresh, definitely funny. Amy Havel does something similar in her story "Enough Said" that I blogged about earlier--telling us a story of a relationship in a few simple phrases repeated over and over, until the story takes on a tragic tone. Here, Honn tells us the story of a relationship in the form of a letter--an introductory letter. The concept makes the whole story seem preposterous, and yet in that is the humor, because although we know all these things are indeed quite likely, we pretend that they aren't. There is an agreement to be silent. What if, however, we all gave such spiels before dating? Wouldn't it be so much easier? No expectations beyond what we already know . . . Read the story here at Pindeldyboz.

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