Sunday, March 29, 2009

On "The Geometry of Closets" by Marko Fong (2014 words) ***

This story doesn't quite break my heart, but it does provide an interesting glimpse into lives of three supposed misfits. It's a love triangle of a different sort, where the best friend is left to figure out--or simply let be--what appears to be happening, where the best friend is slowly being pushed away by an emerging couple. Or is that just my reading? I've never been to brilliant at figuring out the obvious either, though like the narrator, I often suspect. (I take as an example a time when the sister-in-law of a friend of mine joined a few friends and I at a bar. I kept talking on as if things were just like usual, but brother-in-law suddenly had to leave. One of my friends noted, then, couldn't you see she was crying? Alas, no, I hadn't noticed, so caught up in whatever world I was in. An emotional emergency arises, and I just keep blathering on. I don't know exactly what Asperger's is, but sometimes I feel like I have it. Or maybe I'm just a guy.) Read the story here at Summerset Review.

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Chancelucky said...

Aspberger's is a disorder on the autism spectrum where those who have it have difficulty reading social cues on a consistent basis. We all have our aspbergerish moments, but some people really are essentially social dyslexics.

I just wanted to say thanks for reading and commenting on my story. It's just nice to know someone read it and thought about it.