Monday, May 4, 2009

On "Johnny Cash Beset by Darkness" by John Marshall Daniel (3918 words) ***

You know a story is doing something right when only half the page will load. What I mean is that my computer failed to download the entire story the first several times I tried to read it. Why does that mean something with the story is working? Because I read the first half and was desperate to read the end. Glad I got there, eventually.

Circus stories are rather fascinating--to me at least. I'm not sure why. I mean, offer me the opportunity to go to a circus, and I doubt you'd see me pulling out my wallet. Maybe it's just the thrill of returning to childhood that makes me like such stories, the thrill of returning to a time when circuses were interesting. Or maybe it's the freak nature of the business and the constant road life that intrigues, and finding out the lives behind the circus is my way of being in a circus myself, albeit vicariously. I think it is probably this latter prospect. The open road no longer holds that same fascination as it did when I was twenty, but down deep, maybe, it still does--you just have to dress it up as circus fiction.

"Trip across the country, man?" "Nah." "How about in a clown suit?" "Hmmm . . . Okay--I'm there."

Read the story here at StorySouth.

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