Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"Every Earth Is Fit for Burial" by Cyn Kitchen (7659 words) *****

This one caught my attention straight out with its clear voice, its southern Evangelistic feel. What's nice about this piece, however, is that it doesn't--to me--belittle its subject matter. Religious folks are easy to make fun of, and while I'm one of them, I'm often uncomfortable talking about my own faith because of the kind of ludicrous behavior that some spiritual folks engage in. But that's part of faith, isn't it? For some--and certainly for these folks.

But where I really see faith is in our narrator, a faith in her mother and her mother's religion, and in her father, her faulty crippled dad, who despite all his shortcomings proves to be as kind a soul as most all the others in this story. Kudos to the Million Writers Award judges for picking this one out of the pack to include in its top-ten short list (it got my vote for best of the year). Read it here at Menda City Review.

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