Friday, October 23, 2009

On "Code" by David Crouse (7325 words) ****

Before And Then We Came to the End, there was "Code," David Crouse's short story with similar zaniness and a similar situation--layoffs at an office. It's one of the funniest stories I've ever read. But it's interesting to look back over the story after reading Ferris's novel. That novel builds itself in a corporate "we" speak. In Crouse's work, it's every man and woman for him- or herself, and if there were an operative pronoun it would seem more likely to be ominous and unidentifiable "they." A "list is going around." "They" are laying people off. But just what is the job that people are going to lose? What exactly do these people in the office do? Come to the end, there is no sentimental riff on the times "we" used to have. Crouse is darker, as is typical. All that is left for his characters is insanity. Read the story here.


David Crouse said...

A friend mentioned that you had been writing about my work and I just wanted to post a thanks. Not sure if it's "poor form" or anything for writers to post in threads about their own work but there you go.

The new book is done. Three long stories. It's at the agent so it's at the long waiting stage right now.

Thanks again for your support.

David Crouse

Short Story Reader said...

Hey, thanks for checking out the blog. Have been a big fan since the first book. I look forward to the collection of novellas.