Saturday, June 5, 2010

On "Rubber Bands" by David Torrey Peters (486 words) ***

The menu is back--971 Menu, that is--which means I can highlight a few stories from the archives that were inaccessible for a few months.

Here's a story I like first and foremost for its idea. Take a beach and remove the sand and put in, instead, rubber bands. (I'm not giving away a lot here--that all happens in the first line.) Peters takes this concept and runs with it--or bounces. We learn all about what folks do. And just as he's about to close, he throws in a line that makes it seem personal, makes it seem like many a story one might tell--about the snowstorm you got stuck in or the tornado that swooped away your neighbor's garage. It's that kind of story. Nothing pretentious. Just talk. (I could see a much longer version being absolutely fascinating, if not too carried away by the situation.) Read the piece here at 971 Menu.

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