Wednesday, September 15, 2010

On "A New Tattoo" by Tina Barry (275 words) ****

This short piece does what so many great short stories do. It makes you a bit confused, just as the narrator is, with one's emotions. Are we to rejoice at the return of this mother with the new tattoo or be angry? We're, of course, a little of both. In this short scene, we get a sense of this father's conundrum. Read the story here at the Boston Literary Magazine.


Adam Zadeh said...

I'm not familiar with this writer's work...but if it's this powerful Ms. Barry has a new fan.

And I think the smell of "Roses and burnt candy" will be with me for days.

Short Story Reader said...

Yes, Boston Literary is full of great writing like this, and Tina Barry's work is no exception.

Anonymous said...

Dear John,
Thanks so much for finding "A New Tattoo" and including it on your website. I'm honored to be included with such great writers!