Friday, March 11, 2011

On "Mercy" by Glen Pourciau (943 words) ****

When I was nineteen, I visited Argentina. While I was there, San Francisco had a huge earthquake. I lived in Los Angeles, but some of the people I was traveling with were from San Fran, and despite the distance, any huge disaster back in one's home state is still news and still cause for concern. I thought often about how awful it would be to be vacationing while something bad happened back home and having no ability to do anything in response. Glad I wasn't from San Fran.

And yet, after reading Pourciau's story, I can't help but wonder if the lucky person is the one who doesn't find out about the troubles back home but instead simply gets to discover them upon returning. Is it better to know and to worry or to be blissfully ignorant. Pourciau's story centers around a nosy neighbor who feels the need to inform vacationers about what's happening in their own home. Creepy? Yes, indeed. Read the story here at Freight Stories.

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