Tuesday, May 10, 2011

On "Mourner's Passage" by Matt Zepelin (5349 words) ***

T. C. Boyle has a story about a Russian bride who comes to live with a man. It's one of his best (I believe it's his story "Without a Hero"). Other than that, I've not read too many stories about mail-order brides, and I don't remember any from the point of view of the bride. (I say remember, and think that it's likely that a mail-order bride or two is part of Amy Tan's Joy Luck Club, but I remember very little of that book unfortunately.) Zepelin tells the story from both points of view, providing us with an understanding as to why either person would choose this kind of relationship and how deep bonds can be built. Told backwards, the piece starts with the bond and lets you watch, in a sense, as that bond is forged. Read the story here at Wazee Journal.

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