Thursday, March 8, 2012

On "The Collected Notes of Gary, 3C, to the Unnamed Tenants of 4C (June 9-Oct 6, 2003)" by Jonny Diamond (1701 words) ***

Not too many years ago a (former) friend of mine (dating back twenty years) decided he no longer wanted to be in contact. Dense as I am, I didn't understand that that was what he was telling me when he said he didn't think we had much in common anymore. True that we had less in common, I surmised, but for me that was not enough reason to stop exchanging messages once every few months or so. And so I continued to write. The messages went nowhere, and on the cusp of the time--a year later--when I was figuring maybe I should no longer bother, the friend finally wrote me back. The message? What was I, a stalker? Wasn't it clear he didn't want to be in contact anymore?

Diamond's story follows a similar tact, though here Gary, from 3C, seems clearly desperate and somewhat insane. Perhaps, he only seems that way because I am the third person here, not the first. Nevertheless, this one-sided collection of messages is a fun and funny read, which you can do here at Fifty-Two Stories.

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