Wednesday, June 19, 2013

On "Three Songs" by Mark Walters (1178 words) ****

So in reading the first section of this story, I thought immediately of two things. I thought of a Dresden Dolls music video in which a CD is sent to different people; the video is for the song "Sing," and people sing to the song on the CD that is sent to them. I also thought of the power struggle for Byzantium in the time preceding Justinian's rise to power. I was reminded of that because essentially, Byzantium experienced a civil war based around two sports teams. Fans of one team beat up on the others. Here, a man sends a song out and gets wildy different reactions, reactions that create a schism in the community that eventually lead to its downfall. In fact, all three of the songs in this short piece rest in the idea that a piece of art can make so much of an impact that it can make or break a community. I'd like to think so, though I don't really believe that is the case with most art these days. Read the story here at the Collagist.

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