Wednesday, February 4, 2015

On "Eugenia Will Come Back To You Someday" by Kaj Tanaka (2424 words) ****

I'm reminded of a Japanese film called *Afterlife* in which people are sent, after death, to a place to live out their most cherished memory in eternity. It's a very strange film, but it raises a lot of interesting questions about life in general. Tanaka's piece is also about such a place. The afterlife is this strange limbo in which everything we do is meaningless (much as, when you get down to how much remains of any one thing we do here on earth, real life is). Here, a couple of people start a program to help people integrate into their afterlives. This couple is in love, but as the narrator comes to recognize, the afterlife is just one big long wish for what we longed for in real life. Read the story here at Knee-Jerk.

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