Friday, March 6, 2015

On "Zeke’s Dead" by Elizabeth Denton (5671 words) ***

It's interesting to me how a well-written story often launches effortlessly from the first word and propels me forward. Having read several stories that sort of sat on the screen today, doing little, making me want to rush through their contents, it was a joy to find this piece from Elizabeth Denton. I sigh, knowing I've hit someone who can actually write. The story here is one that gets into the minutia of marriage and parenthood. George and Janice are off to see their son play in a rock band. George is concerned. Will Alexander drop classical cello for bass guitar? But there's something else going on here to, a small betrayal that hurts. There are things best kept between couples, secrets, that if we know others know them can hurt significantly. It is part of what makes trust in a relationship very hard. Read the story here at Blackbird.

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