Sunday, February 1, 2009

On "Sketch of a Relationship" by Yuvi Zalkow (2637 words) ***

Here's a nice one about about a relationship, an all too familiar one--the doubts early on, the doubts in the middle, the doubts that will never stop for as long as the relationship lasts. Why do we ever even bother loving or falling in love when all that results seems to be a lot of questioning of the other person's motives, of our own value as a human being? Zalkow shows us "scenes" from this relationship, little glimpses into it, by pulling out random days over the course of a year. The form works well for its subject matter. And the "sketch" part, it ends up working on more than one level. If I were discussing this story, that's probably where I'd begin, what I'd think about most, the meaning of a sketch and how this piece fills that meaning. Read the story here at Storyglossia.

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