Tuesday, April 6, 2010

On "The Easter Bunny" by Benjamin Dancer (2996 words) ****

I generally avoid novel excerpts when reading online stories, just as many editors avoid them when selecting stories for publication--though I'd say, in general, that too few avoid them. Excerpts usually don't work as independent pieces. They don't measure up as stories. Stuff is missing. Plots go nowhere or leave us dumbfounded at the start or end. Dancer's "The Easter Bunny" is an exception. I've not read a piece with this much tension in a long while. The constant repetition of "I'll have a Budweiser" ups the ante each time it's said. As readers, we wait for things to explode. And then the story goes where we never would have expected. Read the story here at SFWP.

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Benjamin Dancer said...

Thanks. This is Benjamin. It was wonderful to read the review. You can find more at BenjaminDancer.com