Thursday, April 15, 2010

On "In Case of Doubt" by Tarl Roger Kudrick (3803 words) ****

Here's a variation on the story about a man with that thing--that disease, you know--where you can't remember anything. Amnesia? Yes, that's it. That's what this story starts off being. But like really good science fiction or fantasy does, this story becomes much more than another simple piece about its supposed topic--it relates to other things in our everyday lives as well. I see elements of Plato's Cave here, people locked into this strange other world that they can't see out of, drugged up and uncertain who they are or where they are except for what they are told. But it's all for a worthy cause, as we learn, somewhat ironically, during the course of that story. I won't bother telling you what that is. Read it for yourself here at ChiZine.

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