Friday, November 5, 2010

On "The Cardboard Ship" by Chris Tarry (1479 words) *****

Chris Tarry's "Cardboard Ship" is one of the best rendered descriptions of said object I've ever read. Of course, I'd never actually read any such description before. The cardboard ship is exactly that--a space ship made of cardboard and lots of crayola. And it works! Step into the world of a child. You'll be wanting a ship of your own. You'll be thinking, let me take out my box of sixty-four and some typing paper. Let me get out the Scotch tape and the glue. I'm taking off for the planets. At least, you'll be thinking that until you get to the story's somewhat tragic end. Beware: Some people never come back. Read the story here at Paradigm.

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Chris Tarry said...

Hey Jon,

Thanks so much for this! What a wonderful surprise to find your kind words this Monday morning. And I'm so sorry it's taken me this long to discover this post!

Ah, "The Cardboard Ship," it's quite an old story of mine and I cringe at a few of the dangling words that a few more years of experience leave me wanting to cut. But I do still enjoy the sentiment of the piece. I've made many ships in my time and I'm glad that this one connected with you enough to write such nice things about it.

I really appreciate it, made my day!