Saturday, November 20, 2010

On "Where I’m Emailing From" by David Erlewine (634 words) *****

David Erlewine's fiction often centers on neurotic narrators, and that's why it's often so fascinating. Here we get the tale of a passive aggressive husband, an apology that's really, well, not quite what one would expect. Read the story here at the Emprise Review.


sloopie said...

I love David Erlewine's work! I knew him a couple of years ago when I was on Zoetrope, the online writing workshop. This isn't one of my favorites but it has that pitch-perfect ear for nuance that he often includes: the narrator recreates his marriage with an overbearing pushy hotel employee, someone else to push him around, and then his "apology" to his wife turns into a plea. Nice.

Short Story Reader said...

Erlewine has a distinct view of the world, that seems certain. I think this is one of his most successful pieces--a great example of passive aggressiveness. I've had the nice fortune of workshopping stuff with him as well.