Friday, May 4, 2012

On "Free Lunch at the Poseidon" by Erin Gnidziejko-Smith (5195 words) ****

This gem reminds me a bit of the Coen Brothers film *Raising Arizona.* Perhaps, it's the babies. Perhaps, it's the relative stupidity of these characters. Perhaps, it's their trashy lives. Perhaps, it's all three. Although I generally love the Coen Brothers, one of the things I dislike about many of their films are that their characters often are relatively stupid--and that contempt for their characters often seems to come out in the film. Gnidziejko-Smith manages, however, to make us care about this guy and his girlfriend, who are on vacation and, through faults all their own, down on their luck. Stealing has never been so dangerous. Read the story here at TriQuarterly.

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