Tuesday, May 22, 2012

On "The Inheritor" by Ann Gelder (4701 words) ****

Gelder's "Inheritor" intrigues from word 1. It's the second person again, and the feeling of conspiracy that Gelder provides for us--we're going to play along with her for a while, participate in this what if scenario. And the scenario? Well, that's intriguing too. What if you're a B-level celebrity and some other B-level celebrity whose recent claim to fame is that he's been able to predict celebrity deaths predicts yours? Yeah, it's a bit of a crazy notion, but how would one react if there's a statistical analysis saying said prognosticator is always right? Time to prep for the end of life? Time to find out just how it's going to happen? Time to laugh off such schenanigans? Or time to get ready for career recovery, since you're now famous enough to have your death predicted? I think the last might be the wisest option. But let's say that's not what you do . . . Read the story here at Slush Pile.

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