Sunday, June 3, 2012

On "A World of Flirts" by John Brandon (3495 words) ***

Brandon's character Joyce is a little bit kooky, and that is what makes her so interesting. She's a woman with money to waste, and she wants to waste it--I mean, really wants to waste it. Such seems a bit ridiculous, and yet, the deeper one gets into the story the more we see how her reckless behavior is covering up for something called loneliness, something called grief, and that behavior is enough to get her through, to keep her living.

What I really like about this piece is its dialogue. The kookiness helps to make it interesting, and the kookiness is--as the title suggests--a means of flirting with all around her. Now flirting is an interesting sport. It's an entertainment of sorts, and it's something we can use to gather people to us--or to keep them away. And Joyce seems to be of that ilk, a person who simultaneous wants deeper connections and wants to keep connections from getting deeper lest she get hurt. Nevertheless, one ends up liking her, at least in print. Read the story here at Joyland.

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